Writing Recap: New Articles About Therapists' Best Advice, Why I Can't Stand Self-Help, & More

Here's a recap of the articles I've written over the past couple of months:

I've been contributing regularly to Prevention.com, where I've covered an array of topics.

- In my most recent piece, 10 Things Therapists Wish Everyone Would Do, I talked to therapists about what their best advice is, and they shared truly helpful tips that you may not have seen a lot about before. All of their suggestions are excellent, compassionate, practical, and extremely useful, no matter what your circumstances are -- and I've already implemented several of them!

- Curious about period sex? All your questions, answered -- and the stigma dispelled -- in my article Everything You Need To Know About Having Sex On Your Period

- And I debunked the myths about sexless marriages in my article Everything You Think You Know About Sexless Marriages Is Wrong.

I also wrote a satire piece for The Establishment, a great new website that's run and funded by women. In How To Uplevel Your Miserable Life!!! I finally got to let loose about how I really feel about all the UNhelpful self-help that's out there (and that is my very nice way of putting it). I also address why it irks me so much when people write "get at me at" instead of just "email me at," or use the word 'uplevel,' which BTW, isn't even a real word.

And lastly, I wrote an essay, I Could Use a Husband to Uninstall My AC, on The Huffington Post about some of the harder moments of solo living, how getting the AC out of your window is a thing when you're single, and that time I had a meltdown in the window treatment aisle at Home Depot.