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Want to start writing, or write more, but there are always reasons not to? In this two-hour workshop, you'll override all those obstacles and just DO IT.

This workshop will be comprised of a brief lecture, freewriting exercises, and group discussion. In this session you will:

  • Break through blocks
  • Focus on finding and strengthening your writing voice
  • Write new material from your own experiences -- in a simple, playful, non-angsty way
  • Set the foundation and gain tools for developing a consistent writing practice

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"Jen Garam's workshops are my go-to fix when I need to zap my tapped creativity and courage. The way she directs each class gives us permission to equally share our memories, anxieties, dreams and nightmares. I leave each evening raw and revived, ready to bravely tackle my next writing obstacle."  - Holly Lynn Ellis, Screenwriter and Producer

"In need of a creative jolt in my routine life, I enrolled in Jen's workshops. Jen is upbeat and her genuine positivity makes class so much fun. I was really surprised at how much I wrote during one class with the help of Jen's guidelines and exercises! You will feel safe and supported to share your work in front of other creative women. Jen is a caring teacher who is truly passionate about writing. It shows in the way she teaches. Thank you Jen!"  - L. T., Freelancer

"Taking Jennifer's class was truly a gift. I love writing yet, like many people, tell myself that I don't have time to write. Jen's class taught me that I don't need a lot of time to write or what to write about, all I need to do is start. Even if I just have five minutes I can write, and it's amazing to see what those five minutes add up to. I felt really safe in Jen's class to write whatever I needed to. I felt that I was able to write in an emotionally open way and even share it with the others in the class, something I would've never imagined I can do. The class was also fun and interesting the entire time. The time flew by when we were writing but also when we were listening. Jen's class had the perfect balance of being light and yet, open for anything that we needed to get on the paper. I truly enjoyed it and recommend it for anyone who's looking to reconnect with the pen again."  - Este, Teacher