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Dating, Sex & Relationships
"10 No-Fail Tips For Guys On Tinder" on The Establishment - January 2017
"The Undeniable Appeal of -- and Trouble With -- Dating Divorced Dads" on and republished on - November 2016
"If People Had Honest First Date Conversations" on The Establishment - August 2016 (selected as one of The Establishment's Top 20 Reads Of 2016)
"How To Avoid Ghosting Like A Total Coward" on Thrillist - June 2016
"6 Times Divorce Is The Answer" on and republished on Men's Health and - June 2016
"I Take Dating Rejections Way Too Personally, And I Know I'm Not The Only One" on - June 2016
"If He Had Just Worn A Ring  -- A PSA From The Woman You Just Flirted With All Night" on The Good Men Project - May 2016
"Swiping For Love Makes Me Feel Dead Inside" on Medium - April 2016
"Everything You Need To Know About Having Sex On Your Period" on - December 2015
"I Could Use a Husband to Uninstall My AC" on The Huffington Post - November 2015
"Everything You Think You Know About Sexless Marriages Is Wrong" on - October 2015
"I Wasn't Sure If I Lost My Virginity" on The Huffington Post - May 2014
"Facebook Found a Way to Make Me Feel Even Worse About Myself: The Facebook Movie" on The Huffington Post - February 2014
"I Went on a Great First Date and Never Heard from the Guy Again -- But I Was OK" on The Huffington Post - October 2013
"I Want to Have a Summer Crush" on The Huffington Post - June 2013
"I Really Want to Be in a Relationship, But I Really, Really Don't Want to Date" on The Huffington Post - April 2013
"I'm Being Brutally Honest In My Online Dating Profile" on The Frisky and republished on xoJane - March 2013
"10 Unhealthy Dating Patterns And How To Break Them" on's The Date Report Blog (republished from The Frisky) - November 2013
"Why It's Hard to Be Single in a Hurricane" on The Huffington Post - November 2012
"7 Signs That You're The One Who's Emotionally Unavailable" on The Frisky - September 2012
"My First Sexual Experience: A Guy I Had a Crush on Forced Me to Give Him Oral Sex" on The Huffington Post - August 2012
"What I Learned From Having an Affair With a Married Man" on elephant journal (republished from The Huffington Post) - August 2012
"9 Reasons You Suck At Relationships And How To Get Better" on The Frisky and syndicated on YourTango - July 2012
"Why I Had an Affair With a Married Man" on The Huffington Post - June 2012
"Putting A Moratorium On Beating Yourself Up" on The Frisky - May 2012
"7 Ways To Survive The Second Date Slump" on The Frisky - May 2012
"6 Tips For Moving On After You've Been Blindsided By A Breakup" on The Frisky - April 2012
"When I Like A Guy, I Put On A Show" on The Frisky - February 2012
"How I Quit Stalking Guys On Facebook And Twitter" on The Frisky - February 2012
"5 Dangers Of Flirty Texting" on The Frisky - February 2012
"How I Stopped Hating Valentine's Day" on The Frisky - February 2012
"6 Playlists For Every Relationship Stage" on The Frisky - February 2012
"10 Unhealthy Dating Patterns And How To Break Them" on The Frisky - January 2012
"A Man I Loved Died" on The Frisky - January 2012
"First Time For Everything: Getting Naked In Class" on The Frisky - November 2011
"How I Stopped Falling For Guys Who Failed To Mention They Had Girlfriends" on The Frisky - August 2011
"How I Finally Stopped Comparing Myself To My Ex" on The Frisky - April 2011
"My Nerdy Flirting" on The Frisky - December 2010

"10 No-Fail Tips For Guys On Tinder" on The Establishment - January 2017
"If People Had Honest First Date Conversations" on The Establishment - August 2016
"How To Uplevel Your Miserable Life!!!" on The Establishment - November 2015

"I Don't Want to Smell Your Pot Smoke and I Don't Think It Should Be Legalized" on & xoJane - September 2014

"How to Grow Out Gray Hair -- The Experts Weigh In" on and republished on - March 2017

Health & Wellness
"Even Doctors Hate Their Health Insurance" on VICE's health site Tonic - December 2016
"Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Gynecologist?" on VICE's health site Tonic - November 2016
"How to Stop Being So Busy All the Time" on - November 2016
"Why Am I So Tired All the Time?" on and republished on Psychology Today - August 2016
"7 Ways You're Making Your Immune System Weaker" on - March 2016

Mental Health
"Low Self-Esteem Doesn't Have to Be Forever. Here's How to Turn It Around" on Headspace - September 2017
"Are You Being Verbally Abused?" on - February 2017
"What It's Like to Have Chronic Loneliness" on VICE's new health site Tonic and republished on VICE Indonesia in EnglishIndonesian - December 2016
"Are You The Victim Of Verbal Abuse Without Even Realizing It? 10 Things You Need To Know" on and republished on Women's Health - May 2016
"'I Developed Anorexia As An Adult'" (as told to) on - January 2016
"10 Things Therapists Wish Everyone Would Do" on - December 2015

"Progress Not Perfection" Blog on

"I'm Not A Recovering Alcoholic But I Act Like One" on The Frisky and - January 2012
"How I Overdosed on Self-Help" on The Frisky - May 2011
"When The Universe Plays Hard to Get" - Guest Blog on Crazy Sexy Life (now - January 2010

"Sun Salutations in Sobriety" on - March 2012
"How Yoga Helped Me Get Over My Ex" Guest Blog on Crazy Sexy Life - May 2010
"Sick of the Same Old Dating Routine? Yoga is the Hot New Way to Get Close" on - August 2009
"Peace and Courtesy on the Mat: 5 Ways to Avoid Yoga Rage" on & The Huffington Post - October 2008
"Hocus Focus" on - December 2007
"Becoming One With the Toilet" on - November 2007
"Yoga Smackdown: Bikram and Vinyasa go headstand to headstand" on - November 2007
"Bikram Stinks. And It's Hot" on - November 2007

Entertainment & Pop Culture
"Corinne's Refreshing Limo Exit on 'The Bachelor'" on Medium - March 2017
"I Stepped On A Rat And Met Maxwell (Or How Something Really Bad Can Turn Into Something Really Good" on The Frisky - June 2012
"Nellie McKay: A Lounge Singer With Moxie -- And A Message" in Interview Magazine - December/January 2004
"Gavin DeGraw: This Year He Entertained Grammy Winners. Next Year He Could Be One of Them" in Interview Magazine - June 2003

Money & Saving
Daily Savings Blog on

"Find fresh ways to save on groceries" in ALL YOU Back to School Special Issue - Fall 2012

"Help kids learn outside the classroom" in ALL YOU Back to School Special Issue - Fall 2012